Poppy Seeds


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 This product can be used to decorate breads and confectionary, to condiment salads and other the hate cuisine recipes.

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  • Blue poppy seeds, subjected to a cleaning process. Rounded seeds, blue-grey colour. Typical odour and flavour.

    Storage conditions:

    Shelf life, at least 18 months after production when stored in cool (<15ºC), dry (<50% relative humidity) and light protected conditions.


    Multilayer bags of polyester and polyethylene of 1 Kg. Modified atmosphere packaging. 

    Nutritional Characteristics
    Contained in 100g:

    Energy -  2196 KJ/525 Kcal 
    Fat - 41,6 g

    • Saturates - 4,5 g

    carbohydrates - 28,1 g

    • Sugars - 3,0 g

    Fibre - 19,5 g
    Protein - 18,0 g
    Salt - 0,06 g


    May contain traces of cereals that contain gluten, peanuts, soy beans, milk, nuts and sesame.

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