Tradíssimo is a brand belonging to TRADES SA, a company with more than 40 years of experience in distributing natural ingredients for the food industry.


To all restaurant and artisan bakery, confectionary and ice cream professionals who are nonconformists. To those who are looking for new ways of surprising their clients and winning their loyalty day after day.


A selection of natural ingredients designed to decorate or garnish, to help create more attractive recipes. On the one hand, we find ingredients that are already known but difficult to find in small sizes; on the other, we seek highly innovative ingredients, ones that are practically unique and used only by cutting-edge food industries right now. All of these goods are grouped into 4 families: fruits, vegetables, textures & flavours, and decorations.

Tradissimo is sold in practical packaging in line with professionals’ needs with the aim of retaining the quality of the product in ideal conditions.

We at Tradíssimo call a spade a spade, and we love making complex things simple. This is why our range of goods and our advice include no fancy words or overly technical jargon. We will help you find the solution you want in the simplest, most direct way.

Honesty is part of our DNA, so our product range is limited. We only purvey ingredients which we steadfastly believe that you need, as well as those that we are convinced can bring the highest standards of quality, price and service.