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The fruits have a characteristic flavour and aroma and have a nutritional and a composition that distinguishes them from other foods. Frutis contain a low calorific value, are rich in dietary fiber and are high in vitamins and minerals which provides us with many benefits.


The cereals are the basis of human food since ancient times. Its importance lies in its excellent nutritional composition. Provide a very important nutrients, especially of carbohydrates wich provide large amounts of energy. They also provide protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals in different proportions that make it a very complete natural food. The grain is a seed formed by the outer shell, the germ or embryo and endosperm. 


The sweets, besides being a source of energy, they are a treat for our senses . On ingestion related substances are added with positive states of mind, helping us to see life in a better mood. 


Plants and vegetables are a direct source of many minerals and vitamins that are lacking in the diets of cereals, especially vitamin A from carotene from carrots and leaf vegetables. In plants and vegetables are present sodium, cobalt, chlorine, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium. The cellulose, an important component of this food, it is almost impossible to digest, and provides the necessary support to pass the food through the disgestive system.


Texture is one of the main criteria used to characterize and accept or reject the food. In the kitchen the word texture is used when trying to emphasize the feeling that we produce food structure or arrangement of its components. 


All food is taste, this can be found in nature as in fruits and vegetables or can be generated by thermal reactions between precursors during baking, frying or baking. 


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